Enter the Pics Halloween Photo Contest!

Enter the Pics Halloween Photo Contest!

And the winners are…


Surfing in Costume by adamkingphoto

Rosemary's Baby Viewing Party by Darabont09

The Wolf by vacuumpacked

Untitled Goose Costume by gangbangkrang

Mushroom Skulls by yudoit

Thanks to everyone who participated!

It's a Halloween Photo Contest! With prizes!

Post your best costume, carved pumpkin, spooky decor, or other Halloween related photo in a top-level comment in this thread. Photos must be your own original content! For bonus points, tell us a little about your submission. You may enter as many images as you'd like, but please include them all in the same comment.

↓ The prizes

Winners will receive:

  1. Flair on r/pics to make your friends jealous
  2. A fancy real-life camera pin
  3. Third thing

Contest ends at 11:59pm PT on October 31, and results will be announced a few days later. "Third thing" is almost certainly some type of Reddit award on your submission. Entries will be judged by the moderators and not based on upvotes. Special thanks to u/lessons_learnt for his continued help! Previous results: 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Pet Crow plays a little game with the snow

Depression is a stupid bitch, but at least for today, it was my bitch.