We are going to be testing some adjustments to the rules.

Hey, folks!/r/GIFs is one of the largest communities on Reddit, which has itself grown by leaps and bounds over the course of the past few years. In that time, we’ve heard a lot of suggestions about how the subreddit could be improved, with a few general themes cropping up. These have included (but were not limited to) the following:Please, please, please, please, please relax the rules on reposting.Extend the allowed length of submitted GIFs.Force everyone here to pronounce “GIF” correctly. (The correct pronunciation makes use of the same “G” sound present in the word “garage.”) Punish people who mispronounce it by sending them to The Happy Trapezoid.Seriously, can you do something about that repost-specific rule?In response to these enquiries, we’re going to be experimenting with some changes. As such, we encourage everyone to pay attention to how our rules may be adjusted in the coming weeks, as certain shifts might or might not be made permanent (depending on how they impact the subreddit’s overall quality). During that time, we would also welcome your feedback, questions, concerns, and speculations about how the moderation team here is actually composed of a few dozen cockatiels that have somehow gotten access to a laptop.Thank you, as always, for being an /r/GIFs subscriber!

throwback to one of Kate Upton’s best photos

One of the advantages of the lockdown is that the mother is finally getting to the bottom of her giant chest freezer. Behold: 25 year old puff pastry.